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Should your dispute escalate to a court, you will most likely have to go to mediation first…

We are offering mediations with trained mediators through “The Mediation Advantage PLLC”, owned by Konstanz Kuraz, J.D.  Kathy Howe is one of her trained mediators and operates this website.

Konstanz A Kuraz, J.D., Mediator and Owner, received extensive mediation training in Iowa before opening and operating her own mediation practice in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where she mediated a broad range of disputes. After relocating to Arizona, the Yavapai County Superior Court employed her as a mediator who specialized in creating family parenting plans and resolving civil property disputes before she founded The Mediation Advantage, P.L.L.C.

Konstanz received her Law Degree from the University of Iowa College of Law. Honored with numerous awards, she graduated summa cum laude from Northern Iowa where she majored in Philosophy and minored in Ethics and Leadership Studies. Konstanz is an international traveler, human rights scholar, and published author. Enthusiastic, empowering, and patient, she is known for her creative approaches to conflict resolution. These include her ability to relate to others, analyze complicated issues, address difficult emotions, and create bridges of understanding that can lead to peaceful resolutions.

Kathy Howe, Mediator, has experience mediating for the Maricopa County Court system, working primarily for Judge Michael Reagan’s Court, McDowell Mountain. She also has done mediations for Dreamy Draw, Desert Ridge, East Mesa, Moon Valley, and the Downtown Justice Court. Kathy was first trained on the Big Island of Hawaii where she also did court mediations.

Kathy owns and operates an AZ Department of Real Estate School in Sedona, www.how2educate L.L.C., which trains individuals for their salesperson license and broker license and gives continuing education classes to existing agents, including Code of Ethics training. Kathy is great at negotiations and prefers to do real estate or other business related mediations where she can assist parties in crunching the numbers. Kathy specializes in Real Estate, HOAs and Landlord Tenant mediation issues.

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Kathy Howe